Visit a Buddhist Stupa

on Sunday, 06 January 2013.

A short hike that is a "must-see"

Visit a Buddhist Stupa

When I first rolled into town, a Reiki practitioner named Rose took me to "The Stupa." At the time I thought, "What the heck is a Stupa?" She explained it was a large outdoor structure of the Buddhist tradition; an outdoor temple of a sort.  A Stupa represents the body of the Buddha and there are thousands of them all over the world.

My first approach up the property to the Stupa was from Pueblo Rd. We parked on the side of the road, walked through a gate and then followed the path to the right.  You will find yourself winding up a beautiful path, occasionally passing colorful streams of Buddhist prayer flags. After you have passed a resting bench and some "prayer towers," (my name for small pillars of red rocks balanced atop another) the path will again branch. To the right "a smaller stupa" dedicated to Tara. To the left a path that leads to the main Stupa. The Stupa is a must-see in Sedona while you are here. Words can't describe what you see and feel.

It is traditional to look to the top of the Stupa at the Buddha, respectfully acknowledging the oneness of humanity. People of all beliefs will often walk around the Stupa clockwise, in some form of prayerful contemplation. You are encouraged to "put your intentions out there" and walk around the Stupa at least three times. It is said that the Stupa has over one million prayers inside of it, from all over the world.

After you visit the Stupa, feel free to walk a little further to a beautifully carved wooden Buddha. Beyond this you will follow a path that leads you pass a large pile of red rocks and then to  a Native American "medicine wheel." If you would like to go further along the path you will find a nice red rock wash. The trail soon ascends quickly and clearly to an amazing vista called a "saddle."  Well worth the 20 minute or so hike.!!!


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