Physical Wellbeing and Balancing

Physical Well Being and Health Sessions in SedonaWe have all heard the saying, “Your body is your temple.” But for many on the spiritual path, the body is often the weakest link in the trinity of body, mind and spirit. Sure, many of us exercise, try to eat right and even engage in other types of physical regimens. But most of us are bombarded with conflicting messages which may or may not be appropriate for our specific body types and genetics.

Our sessions can help you with nutrition, exercise, nurturing, balancing, dis-ease, everything you may need to holistically embody the spirit and mind.

Some of our practitioners utilize ancient traditions, long suppressed in the “West.” While others are utilizing the latest breakthroughs in technology and providing miraculous results in healing. So whether you are looking for Sedona's best energetic esoteric healings of energy centers, chakras and meridians; nutritional education and supplemental recommendations; physical discipline and regiments to incorporate into your life; or you would like to experience a session that utilizes the latest breakthrough technologies for the healing of dis-ease - these sessions are you.

Chinese Medical Consultation and Acupuncture

Chinese Medical Consultation and Acupuncture Sessions in SedonaThis session is a favorite for anyone looking to restore balance and well-being to the physical body. Chinese medicine and acupuncture is a healing modality that has been utilized for over 3,000 years. It includes the stimulation of specific points that release and harmonize the flow of energy coursing through the body. Through the stimulation of precise points on each meridian healing information is sent to the vital organs and brain to re-establish the body’s natural inherent healing ability and generate radiant health. This session also includes a Chinese Herbal Therapy and Nutritional consultation. Learn what your body really needs and address these needs holistically.

Tai Chi for Enlightenment

Tai Chea for Enlightenment Sessions in SedonaThis session teaches you an eight hundred year old practice that combines a superior form of tai chi, feng shui, qigong and inner alchemy, a powerful form of Taoist meditation. It is a spiritual practice that was reserved for the "masters" until recently. Its ancient name was "wuji gong" which literally means "develops skill for entering the Supreme Mystery." It will ultimately open up a profound inner space inside your body called "wuji" (Supreme Unknown).

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Yoga Sessions in SedonaA balanced workout of classical poses, breath work and meditation. Your choice--out on the magnificent Sedona red rocks or in the ambience of a yoga studio. Guided by a wonderful teacher.

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