Spiritual Connection Sessions

Spiritual Connection Sessions in SedonaSedona is rife with opportunities for spiritual awakening and growth. It has become an internationally recognized spiritual mecca -and for good reason. The Native Americans considered this land as sacred and made spiritual pilgrimages to this area. In addition to the experience and energy attunements offered by the renowned Sedona vortexes, Sedona is home to many spiritual guides, healers, teachers, and practitioners.

Our sacred Soul of Sedona community is a roster of the very best facilitators Sedona has to offer. They will assist you in deepening your experience of the Divine, Love and Presence, whatever and wherever your deepest truths, needs, and yearnings lead you.

These sessions are about helping you expand your awareness of the ever-present Love that seeks expression and manifestation in your life. During these sessions the practitioners will share distilled experiences of their journeys towards wholeness in body, mind and spirit. You will also engage in practical, proven, age-old spiritual traditions and discover what it means to feel "connected to Source.” These spiritual epiphanies will remain a beacon of hope on your journey towards wholeness in body, mind and spirit back home.

Sourcing Spirit & Embodying Presence

Sourcing Spirit and Embodying Presence Sessions in SedonaThis session teaches you how to "give birth" to your divinity. We all have gifts to contribute to the world and a unique love that seeks expression in our lives. Love is ever-present, but for many, it seems elusive. As Rumi so eloquently puts it: "Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself...

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Stilling the Mind to Hear with the Heart

Stilling the Mind to hear With the Heart Sessions in SedonaIt's been said, "The source of all unhappiness is an undisciplined mind." This session will teach you the discipline of stilling the mind through meditative practices. Many people "think" meditation is hard or that they just aren't "good" at it. That type of thinking is just what the ego does to "stay in charge."

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Tai Chi for Enlightenment

Tai Chea for Enlightenment Sessions in SedonaThis session teaches you an eight hundred year old practice that combines a superior form of tai chi, feng shui, qigong and inner alchemy, a powerful form of Taoist meditation. It is a spiritual practice that was reserved for the "masters" until recently. Its ancient name was "wuji gong" which literally means "develops skill for entering the Supreme Mystery." It will ultimately open up a profound inner space inside your body called "wuji" (Supreme Unknown).

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Yoga on the Land in Sedona

Yoga Sessions in SedonaImagine practicing yoga on the land in one of the most beautiful places in all of the world: Sedona. Imagine your own private yoga retreat in Sedona with a gifted practitioner who can work as well with beginners as with a seasoned yogi. There really is no better place to practice yoga on the land than here in Sedona. The views are amazing. The air is fresh. The land is sacred.

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