Emotional Wholeness Sessions

Emotional Wholeness Sessions in SedonaEmotional wholeness is the critical key to manifesting your grandest vision for your life. Without emotional healing and integration we often find ourselves reacting in cyclical patterns and behaviors that limit and inhibit our authentic Presence and capacity for joy. Without emotional awareness ("what makes me tick?") we just can’t seem to “get it together” and end up living a life devoid of meaning, fulfillment and passion. Our relationships become rut-bound and we find ourselves unable to really “show up” in our lives.

Emotional disconnection leaves many of us feeling a sense of quiet desperation, a sense that something is missing.

These sessions will help you get to the heart of the matter, whether it’s integrating core childhood wounds, learning how to forgive a betrayal or discovering how to source your own love and healing.

Let our gifted practitioners help you locate that missing link so that you can discover your innate wonderment and rapture for life!

Integrative Breathwork

Integrative Breathwork Sessions in SedonaOur most powerful integrative session teaches you how to consciously use your breath to guide you inward on a journey of self discovery and healing. Breathwork is a universal practice utilized by the majority of spiritual cultures to bring emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. It helps us to reduce fears, worry and anxiety and set life-enhancing intentions. It helps us heal core emotional wounds and past traumas, thereby allowing us to respond more consciously to life. It helps us become more fully present and connect with the Divine, creating the highest possible outcomes in our lives. Discover how your breath can be the key to unlocking the inner doors to your innate wholeness, joy and presence. This session is a consistent favorite of our guests and includes an empowering musical CD to guide you back "home." Journey into the vast kingdom that resides within and more deeply experience the meaning of "heaven on earth."

Healing the Family Soul

Healing the Family Soul Sessions in SedonaThrough an exploration of the hidden dynamics of the collective family soul and the unconscious core wounds that form the template of dysfunction not only in our immediate “family of origin” but our intimate adult relationships, our careers, and perhaps most importantly, our relationship with ourselves- multi-generational suffering can be addressed and cleared.  We all carry within us the legacy of the ancestors who came before us!  This gentle yet profound approach can have significant impact not just on the individual, but on the collective lineage of the entire family.  When unconscious and karmic behavior patterns are brought to Light, healing happens!


Integrative Emotional Healing Session in Sedona

Integrative Emotional Healing Sessions in SedonaThe quality of our life experience is determined by the quality of our emotional condition. In this session you will be gently guided with the integration of suppressed emotions and core wounds. Emotional healing is crucial to wholeness and well-being. Without it we find ourselves unconsciously repeating dysfunctional behavioral patterns and damaging relationships. Unintegrated, often suppressed past experiences, lay the groundwork for a life that is less than fulfilling as well as an inability to make manifest our highest aspirations and intentions. They cause us to react, rather than respond to life's many challenges and opportunities. If you find yourself repeating the same challenging cycles in relationships, both interpersonally and professionally, this session will address the root causes. Emotional Integration will help free you from past emotional energies stuck in the mind and body and provide a key that opens the door to present moment awareness. After this session you will feel lighter, know why you over-react in certain circumstance and become empowered with tools to help you respond more consciously to life. This session will ultimately give you back your life by freeing you from the past.