Sedona Couples' Retreat - Deepening Intimacy for Couples

Deepening Intamacy for Couples Sessions in Sedona

Intimate relationships are a laboratory for Love itself - “ground zero” on our individual journey of awakening and emotional/psychological healing and integration.  At a relationship’s outset we are flooded with the neurochemistry of love, our lives enhanced and invigorated; but as we settle into familiarity, the soul’s reasons for our union begin to surface. Difficulties and disconnection can become amplified.  But if we can cultivate the Presence to see through soul’s eyes, our partner is holding up a mirror in which we may see ourselves more clearly. Dysfunction and conflict are transformed into opportunities for profound self-awareness and soul-awakened evolution.

Our couples' retreats are structured to help you re-awaken heart-centered relating, passion, and the healthy authentic communication which deepens true intimacy.  Let us help you become conscious of and transform the habituated cyclical patterns that create relationship impasses and stagnation. Learn how to nurture your relationship and become empowered through the understanding and forgiveness that ultimately allows you to source self-love, which alone, renders you capable of true sharing and union with your partner.

Soul of Sedona also offers individual sessions to complement and enhance your couples' sessions.  Browse our list of offerings on our website and call for assistance in creating a couple's retreat tailored to your own unique relationship.

Tantra with the Beloved

Tantra Sessions in Sedona

Tantra is an ancient sacred practice of deepening one’s spiritual path through devotion to the Divine as it expresses through the sensuality and sexuality of human form.  Tantra is a pathway to bring Light into the cells of our physical being so that we may experience the rapture of being fully alive.  It is an awakening to the capacity for ecstatic union with spirit that renders us ever greater vehicles for Love/Light and the never-ending interplay of Spirit’s penetration of matter.

Learn how sensuality and sexuality can be the bridge to merging with Love itself.

The Inner Marriage

The Inner Marriage Sessions in Sedona

What do you long to have manifest in your life and your relationship?

Can you imagine a relationship rooted in healthy interdependence rather than neurotic neediness and dependency?

Can you imagine discovering the well-spring of your being filling your heart and opening to let that love overflow into all your relationships? 

The key lies in your relationship with yourself, your ability to manifest the perfect union of the inner masculine (presence, focus, discipline) with the inner feminine (nurture, flow and creativity).  From this union your Divinity is birthed into the world of form.

In this session you will discover how the balance of your own feminine and masculine inner qualities are reflected in your partnership dynamics. What we lack in our own capacity for inner connection and support, we inevitably seek from others.  When those needs aren’t met, we experience hurt and anger and all too often we find ourselves mired in reactivity and resentment, blame and projection that only carry us farther away from the connection and intimacy which is our deepest yearning.

Discover how the power of an alchemical “inner marriage” can change the way you relate to every other human being in your life, especially your partner!

Couples Massage

Couples Massage Sessions in SedonaOur massage offerings include a variety of customized options.  Want to melt under the skilled and healing hands of our practitioners at the same time and in the same space as your partner?  No problem!  Prefer separate space and times?  A deep tissue massage versus a nurturing massage?  Hot stone massage?  Essential oils?

Check out our “Spa Sessions” page, then discuss your preferences with your partner and then call us to schedule the perfect session and most suitable practitioner for each of you.

Renewal of Vows

Renewal of Cows Sessions in Sedona

Known the world over as one of the most geographically stunning and spiritual places on the planet, Sedona is a magical place to renew your marriage vows.  In this place of phenomenal natural beauty and high frequency energy, celebrate and consecrate your relationship according to your own highest and best vision of what Love can be.

Bless and honor your history, and from the powerful present moment, set a course for your union with an Intentional Ceremony at a location of your own hearts’ choosing. Cathedral Rock? One of our beautiful local churches or a sacred grove?  We’d be honored to assist you in planning the perfect ceremony to refresh your commitment to one another!

Rekindle the Love - Rekindle Your Lives

Rekindle Your Love Sessions in Sedona

Love is all there is, but it can only express through the complicated and often distorted templates of our individual psyches and emotional wiring.  In a session designed to explore your individual histories and its impact upon present day relationship dynamics, we’ll help you map new directions that recognize the past’s influence, but also blaze new pathways of communication that lead to true compassion, understanding, and empathetic relating.  Not traditional marriage counseling, this session will illuminate the negative and reactive patterns that lead to stalemates and strangleholds in our partnerships.  

In this session you will both learn how to find the forgiveness of self and other that can liberate you from the self-protective chains which bind your hearts?  We’ve got the tools, if you’ve got the time and commitment to rekindle your love and your life!

Synergy Chart

Couples Synergy ChartAre you curious about why you are here? Are you intrigued about why your souls were brought together? Do you believe in there are major lessons to learn together? Do you struggle with some of the same old patterns? Do certain things just drive you crazy in your relationship despite loving each other SO deeply?
This session is about understanding the unique qualities each of you bring to the relationship. How those qualities are often compatible and empower each other and at other times provide rich opportunities for soul growth. Learn how to understand yourselves and each other more deeply and then work together to build more enriching lives. Become amazing examples to your children, family and the world of what it means in be in a loving, supportive and consciously loving relationship.