Integrative Healing and Guidance Sessions

Integrative Healing and Guidance Sessions in SedonaOur integrative healing sessions facilitate your journey to wholeness in body, mind and spirit. Our skilled and seasoned practitioners will help you cultivate mental clarity and insight; physical well-being and nurturing; emotional healing and integration; spiritual connection and access to inner guidance with powerful disciplines and techniques to guide you back home to your own authentic heart of Being.

Our sacred community of guides and practitioners specialize in specific disciplines to address the individual needs of your soul's evolutionary journey. These sessions are designed to complement each other so that when you return home you arrive renewed, empowered and ready to be passionately engaged in a full-spectrum experience of life.

Please read the description of the sessions to create a complementary blend of sessions for yourself or, call us for assistance in customizing an itinerary based on your specific needs, circumstances and desires. We have customized hundreds of itineraries with our in-depth knowledge of our practitioners' services, offerings and styles.

Make this journey to Sedona the trip of a lifetime and start creating the life you always dreamed.

Emotional Wholeness Sessions

Emotional Wholeness Sessions in SedonaEmotional wholeness is the critical key to manifesting your grandest vision for your life. Without emotional healing and integration we often find ourselves reacting in cyclical patterns and behaviors that limit and inhibit our authentic Presence and capacity for joy. Without emotional awareness ("what makes me tick?") we just can’t seem to “get it together” and end up living a life devoid of meaning, fulfillment and passion. Our relationships become rut-bound and we find ourselves unable to really “show up” in our lives.

Emotional disconnection leaves many of us feeling a sense of quiet desperation, a sense that something is missing.

These sessions will help you get to the heart of the matter, whether it’s integrating core childhood wounds, learning how to forgive a betrayal or discovering how to source your own love and healing.

Let our gifted practitioners help you locate that missing link so that you can discover your innate wonderment and rapture for life!

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Mental Insight and Clarity Sessions

Mental Insight and Clarity Sessions in SedonaSedona is blessed with many practitioners from a multitude of disciplines. Many of these practitioners have graduate degrees in social sciences, but incorporated more expedient means to mental healing and understanding by blending the teachings of ancient wisdom traditions with their contemporary practices. Other practitioners don’t have any recognized “advanced degrees” but instead offer their insightful and intuitive gifts that shed light on your most perplexing questions and challenges.

Maybe you are seeking to understand what really brings you joy and why. Or perhaps you want to know what type of relationship and career helps you feel more complete and why. Do you want to know what would be most beneficial to your awakening and soul evolution at this stage in your life? If so, these sessions are a perfect part of a soulful journey to Sedona.

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Physical Well-being and Health Sessions

Physical Well Being and Health Sessions in SedonaWe have all heard the saying, “Your body is your temple.” But for many on the spiritual path, the body is often the weakest link in the trinity of body, mind and spirit. Sure, many of us exercise, try to eat right and even engage in other types of physical regimens. But most of us are bombarded with conflicting messages which may or may not be appropriate for our specific body types and genetics.

Our sessions can help you with nutrition, exercise, nurturing, balancing, dis-ease, everything you may need to holistically embody the spirit and mind.

Some of our practitioners utilize ancient traditions, long suppressed in the “West.” While others are utilizing the latest breakthroughs in technology and providing miraculous results in healing. So whether you are looking for Sedona's best energetic esoteric healings of energy centers, chakras and meridians; nutritional education and supplemental recommendations; physical discipline and regiments to incorporate into your life; or you would like to experience a session that utilizes the latest breakthrough technologies for the healing of dis-ease - these sessions are you.

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Spiritual Connection Sessions

Spiritual Connection and Insight Sessions in SedonaSedona is rife with opportunities for spiritual awakening and growth. It has become an internationally recognized spiritual mecca -and for good reason. The Native Americans considered this land as sacred and made spiritual pilgrimages to this area. In addition to the experience and energy attunements offered by the renowned Sedona vortexes, Sedona is home to many spiritual guides, healers, teachers, and practitioners.

Our sacred Soul of Sedona community is a roster of the very best facilitators Sedona has to offer. They will assist you in deepening your experience of the Divine, Love and Presence, whatever and wherever your deepest truths, needs, and yearnings lead you.

These sessions are about helping you expand your awareness of the ever-present Love that seeks expression and manifestation in your life. During these sessions the practitioners will share distilled experiences of their journeys towards wholeness in body, mind and spirit. You will also engage in practical, proven, age-old spiritual traditions and discover what it means to feel "connected to Source.” These spiritual epiphanies will remain a beacon of hope on your journey towards wholeness in body, mind and spirit back home.

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Sedona Couples' Retreat - Deepening Intimacy, Understanding and Communication

Couples Sessions - Deepening Intimacy, Understanding and Communication Sessions in Sedona

The standard couples’ retreat generally involves listening to lectures and the sharing of techniques and strategies designed to rebuild a faltering relationship. Dirty laundry gets aired and most often there is very little individualized attention to the particular and specific dynamics of your own relationship.  

Every relationship is unique and complex, each with a beautiful blend of challenges and opportunities to open to Love.

Soul of Sedona’s couples’ retreats are customized to your specific issues, needs and history.  Our intimate relationship sessions are a safe place to explore the route from reactivity to conscious responsibility (respond-ABILITY.)

Our couples’ retreats are structured to reawaken love by helping you and your partner find pathways to authentic communication through increased self-knowledge. These sessions can help interrupt habituated and cyclical patterns that keep your relationship stuck in the same painful ruts of blame and projection.

In the space of awareness and understanding that opens, we help you restore and rejuvenate your partnership through nurturing it and each other in new ways that empower you both to step into more intimate and soulful connection.

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