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on Friday, 01 February 2013.

Psychics, Intuitives and Massage

Get a Reading or Massage

There are so many interesting things you can do in Sedona! Did you know that Sedona has been considered a spiritual mecca in North America for centuries? The Native American Indians only came to this area to do vision quests and ceremonial ritual, thinking this place was too intense to live year round. Hundreds of thousands come to Sedona every year for some type of healing. Why not you? We all have areas in our life that could improve.

So whether you are looking for a great massage; to learn some form of meditation, breathwork or physical/spiritual discipline like yoga or Tai Chi, this is the place to experience something new!!

We have created hundreds of customized holistic retreats for seekers of all types: from atheists to fundamentalists and everywhere in between.

Our well-qualified practitioners are the best that Sedona has to offer and specialize in specific disciplines meant to facilitate insights and healing.

Make this vacation the start of something new. Review our holistic sessions. There is something here for everyone. Then give us a call and we will help you discover the perfect session, just like we have for hundreds of others.

It'll be fun, refreshing and "just what the doctor ordered."

Who We Are

Soul of Sedona - Who We AreSoul of Sedona is a sacred community and resource guide to everything soulful in Sedona (and beyond). Our site includes some of the best holistic sessions, guided tours and sacred land journeys; a community events calendar; a unique directory of dining and entertainment venues, spectacular shops, galleries, products and hospitality services.

We specialize in tailoring life-changing soulful journeys with customized itineraries that feed your body, mind and soul...

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Who Are You?

Soul of Sedona - Who Are YouShakespeare said it best: "To be or not to be, that is the question." But, be what? This is the question many of us have been asking for a long time: "Who am I?" Let us guide you with customizing a soulful journey of self-discovery into one of the most magical lands in the world: Sedona, Arizona.

Please explore our site and pick sessions for yourself -or- do what hundreds of people have done before you: give us a call to help you. We are masters at getting to know your circumstance, experience and challenges; then guiding you with the design...

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Mission Statement

Soul of Sedona is a sacred community dedicated to helping people create more meaningful, joyous and prosperous lives through our extensive network of holistic resources and sacred travel.

With our world-class natural and soulful resources, and a renowned network of guides and hospitality services, our guests can design, plan and experience the pilgrimage of a lifetime.

As a preeminent community resource guide to healing practices, re-creational guides, and holistic products & services, Soul of Sedona is everything that is soulful about Sedona and embarking on a soulful journey in life.