Hike Sedona ~ Airport Loop Trail

Sedona Vortex Hike with Amazing Views of Sedona

Hike Sedona ~ Airport Loop Trail

Trail Description

This trail winds around Airport Mesa and starts at a popular vortex location. There is a beautiful knoll just above the parking lot which is a great place to start.

The actual trail is a loop around the entire mesa with great views that give you many different perspectives as you travel around the mesa.

The trail starts at the southeast face of the mesa. The parking lot is 1/2 mile up Airport Road from 89A. From the parking lot you walk up towards the knoll keeping to the right. You will find a trail that hugs the mesa looping around the entire mesa for approximately 3.6 miles.

This trail gives you incredible views of Oak Creek and Bell Rock at the beginning. Further around the mesa you will see Mingus Mountain approximately 1/2 way around (1.6 miles). At this point you will be at Table Top Trail junction. This is a great place to take a bit of a detour out approximately 1/2 mile to take in some views, rehydrate and eat a snack.

Continuing back to Airport loop trail you can complete the second half of the loop. You will soon see Cockscomb, Chimney Rock and Thunder Mountain (the highest formation in Sedona city limits).

The last part of the trail loops close to a residential area, but you are on the home stretch. The trail ends at a guard rail almost directly across the street from the parking lot.


Difficulty Level

Moderate to Easy

Points of Interest

Airport Knoll, Airport Vortex,
Incredible views of the majority of Sedona, including Oak Creek, Bell Rock, Pyramid Rock, Mingus Mountain, Cockscomb, Chimney Rock, Thunder Mountain, Coffee Pot and many more.

Average Hike Time

Approximately 2 hours

Sedona Hike Features

Vortex, Vista

Elevation Change

100 feet