Hike Sedona ~ Fay Canyon Trail

An Easy Canyon Hike with Incredible Views

Hike Sedona ~ Fay Canyon Trail

Trail Description

Another favorite hike in Sedona. For one thing it's an easy trail; along the bottom of a canyon floor. Some joke it is the "geriatric trail of Sedona." The trail is gorgeous with narrow canyon walls that reach hundreds of feet. There is a natural bridge and some Indian ruins off the beaten path.

From the parking lot the trailhead is directly across the street.

This is a gorgeous, relatively easy hike along a canyon floor. The drive to the trailhead is equally exceptional. There is something really magical about this trail. It feels so prehistoric like dinosaurs might be coming around the corner. There is also an arch about 1/2 of a mile  back on the right (sometimes people leave little markers or short stacks of rocks). The Fay Arch is about a 5 minute walk up a short trail from the main trail. The trek is pretty steep and rocky. 

At a large rock slide you may be able to find a smaller trail that leads to the back of the canyon. If you go all the way back to the end of the canyon there are some amazing views atop a rock and a ruin at the very end.

Difficulty Level

Moderate to Easy

Points of Interest

Fay Arch. An indian ruin.

Average Hike Time

Approximately 90 - 120 minutes "in and out."

Sedona Hike Features

Shaded, Canyon, Natural Bridge or Arch, Indian Ruins

Elevation Change

Approximately 300 feet; gradually.