Hike Sedona ~ Doe Mountain Trail

A Mesa with a View

Hike Sedona ~ Doe Mountain Trail

Trail Description

This is a great moderate hike that leads to the top of a mesa. There are amazing views along the path and especially atop the mesa. The trail meanders nicely without much difficulty for the average hiker.

On top of the mesa there is plenty of flora. It feels like you are on top of a deserted island with views of the surrounding rock formations. The view of Mescal Mountain and Thunder Mountain are exceptional.

Be sure and travel around the edge. Just BE SAFE! To walk around the entire rim will add about 45 minutes to an hour to your hike.

Difficulty Level

Moderate to Easy

Points of Interest

Great Views of Mescal Mountain, Bear Mountain and Thunder Mountain

Average Hike Time

1 and 1/2 hours

Sedona Hike Features


Elevation Change

Approximately 450 feet