Hike Sedona ~ Broken Arrow Trail

Get to the Point!!! (Chicken Point)

Hike Sedona ~ Broken Arrow Trail

Trail Description

Definitely one of the best hikes in Sedona! Incredible views. Moderate terrain. Great variations in topography. A photographer's dream. We rank this trail in our "Top 5 Hikes in Sedona."

This trail is located off of Highway 179 and is near one of the most popular jeep tour trails. It is at the south end of Marg's Draw and is a beautiful winding trail with plenty of change in views.

From the parking lot you would walk southwest to find the trailhead. From there the trail winds along the base of beautiful cliffs and winds up towards some nice cliffs and a mesa.

About one mile in you will reach a trail that goes left down to Submarine Rock, while the trail to the right goes much further back to Chicken Point. If you continue towards Chicken Point you will experience some of the most incredible views in Sedona.

There are the Twin Buttes and amazing spires. Getting a short way down to Chicken Point is well worth the views.

Difficulty Level

Moderate to Easy

Points of Interest

Chicken Point and Submarine Rock

Average Hike Time

Approximately 2 hours "in and out."

Sedona Hike Features

Vista, Spires

Elevation Change

About 200 feet