Hike Sedona ~ Wilson Canyon Trail

An Incredible Partially Shaded Canyon Trail

Hike Sedona ~ Wilson Canyon Trail

Trail Description

This trail starts from the parking lot at Midgley Bridge and heads back into Wilson Canyon. Wilson Canyon is a box canyon and the trail is approximately 1 1/4 miles to its end where you will be surrounded by canyon walls on three sides.

From the parking lot follow the trail that heads away from the bridge and look for the wooden trail sign that says "Wilson Canyon Trail." This trail will cross over the river multiple times.

Approximately 1/2 mile in you will see a trail (Jim Thompson Trail) that goes to the left, stay right to continue to the back of the canyon. Follow the trail cairns. Wilson Canyon trail will cross a river bed (usually dry) multiple times.

This is a nice relatively cool trail that is refreshing and mostly shaded. The official trail ends at approximately 1.2 miles. But just a bit further up you will find a nice little path that will lead you upwards to an amazing vista. At that point you will be surrounded with towering cliffs on three sides. Enjoy!!!

Points of Interest

Midgley Bridge, River Beds and Wash Basins, Box Canyon

Average Hike Time

30-45 minutes one way

Sedona Hike Features

Creek, Shaded, Canyon

Elevation Change

Approximately 400 feet