Hike Sedona ~ Jim Thompson Trail

Another Great Moderate Sedona Hike

Hike Sedona ~ Jim Thompson Trail

Trail Description

This great moderate hike starts near Jordon Road and offers great views around the Steamboat Rock area. Jim Thompson Trail is an easy trail to navigate and heads towards Wilson Canyon Trail.

If you have two cars, it's a great idea to drop one car off at Midgley Bridge, return to Jim Thompson trailhead and hike your way to the car left at Midgley Bridge. It's about a 3.5 miles hike one way.

The views are spectacular. The trail is easy to navigate and you approach Midgley Bridge with nice views from a distance.

Follow Jim Thompson Trail to where it ends at Wilson Canyon Trail and turn right to get to the bridge.

Or, if a shorter hike is preferred, just turn back around when it feels time.


Difficulty Level

Difficult to Moderate

Points of Interest

Steamboat Rock, Great panoramic views, Midgley Bridge

Average Hike Time

2 hours one way

Sedona Hike Features


Elevation Change

approximately 400 feet