Emotion is Energy

on Sunday, 06 January 2013.

Emotion is Energy

It is said that emotions are energies that arise in the body seeking expression. These energies can be expressed consciously or unconsciously, but all energy will someday be expressed. Most of us realize it is healthier to express emotion, rather than suppress it. We've all seen how suppressed emotion will eventually rise up in some form of damaging re-active unconscious behavior or in some form of dis-ease.

Healing often necessitates dealing with suppressed and repressed emotion, pain or trauma. Suppressing the pain of an early childhood trauma can indeed be a necessary defense mechanism, but eventually rises again like a phoenix from the ashes. We all get presented, time and again, to opportunity to feel "old wounds" in new circumstances. We can behave more consciously and awaken or suppress it and choose to deal with them another day. When we respond consciously there is an opportunity to integrate the energies of the past that are housed within our mind and body. This process is the gateway to become more present.

But many of us live the same themes over and over again, changing the names and circumstances to "protect the innocent." But, who wants to go around (over)reacting because of the past? Especially when (over)reacting usually has adverse affects on the people we love the most, including ourselves. Understanding how to manage the energy of emotions is a significant key to behaving in accordance with our deepest knowing.

So as a first step, learn to just feel the emotions that rise in your body. There is no need to label them. Sometimes labeling feelings can be helpful, but initially it is suggested to just feel the energy without going into your head and confining the feelings with words. Let go of all your conditioned beliefs.  Many of us tell ourselves "this feels bad" or "this feels good." Or "I am sad" or "I am angry." Next time, try dropping this conditioned thinking and just be curious.

Feel your emotions as different energies. Is the energy hot? Tight? Is the energy in your chest? Or in your stomach? Does it feel familiar?

Don't get into the head with mental stories. Just observe the energy with a child-like fascination.

Again, our culture has been taught to label feelings as "good" or "bad" in a constant pursuit of happiness, avoiding unhappiness at any costs. Our consumerism is geared towards it. Drug and alcohol abuse find their roots in this pursuit of happiness.

But consider some of your most painful moments. Those moments often provide tremendous opportunities for "soul growth" if we consciously work with the energies that give rise. It has been an evolutionary necessity in physical survival to avoid pain. But avoidance of emotional pain now comes at great expense in our evolutionary progression towards wholeness. And suppression and avoidance of "what is" most always sweeps things under the rug, only to be dealt with some other day, where the stakes are usually higher and the lessons more painful.

So, try living within the full spectrum of emotion. All of it. Every wave, as it appears here and now. It is a gift to awaken to the present moment, with all its energies and potentials. The more present you can be with the energies that give rise, the more alive you will feel. Soon, even the most torrential energetic waves of emotion will have you experiencing life with a curiosity and reverence. Soon, you will find yourself being more at ease with even the most difficult emotions. And, the more you are able to be present with the "bad" feelings the more you can appreciate (give value to) the "good" feelings. Before you know it you will appreciate, or give value to, the "bad" feelings, consciously and with expedience.

Sure, the "negative" emotions of anger, grief, sadness, shame can be overwhelming. And most people either internalize them or lash out. But there is such power in being able to harness EVERY wave in the vast energetic sea of emotion. It's just energy and you can harness all of it!

The more present you are with the energy of emotions, the more alive you will feel, without the need a change it. The energies will just flow naturally like a river carrying you effortlessly into yet another wave.

Let's all wake up to beauty found in the kinship of our emotions. Emotions are a universal part of what it means to be human. Let's learn to love ALL of it, and be FULLY alive!!!

Remember: Emotion = energy in motion (eventually...)


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