Tai Chi for Enlightenment

This session teaches you an eight hundred year old practice that combines a superior form of tai chi, feng shui, qigong and inner alchemy, a powerful form of Taoist meditation. It is a spiritual practice that was reserved for the "masters" until recently. Its ancient name was "wuji gong" which literally means "develops skill for entering the Supreme Mystery." It will ultimately open up a profound inner space inside your body called "wuji" (Supreme Unknown). Think of it as a moving meditation that intentionally invites heaven down to earth and earth up to heaven and you act as the bridge, becoming the embodiment of both. This graceful, beautiful practice gathers chi (or life force) and gradually dissolves all the physical and karmic layers of tension in your physical and energetic bodies. It changes your karma and heals heart disease, high blood pressure and many chronic illnesses. As a moving meditation, this discipline is often easier to practice for those who prefer to be active. Enjoy this session on an amazing vista overlooking one of the most beautiful landscapes in the southwest. Then take your experience of heaven on earth back home and practice this powerful discipline with the aid of video.