Human Design

This session gives you a cutting edge tool for transformation. It's about understanding your true nature, the unique gifts you were born with and how to live to your maximum potential. Human Design blends science and spirituality to help you understand the unique blueprint of your energetic nature.

We all have unique ways of receiving and filtering energy from the outside. We also emit energy outwards, which is how we impact others. Most of us don't live in accordance with our "design," rather live according to the expectations of others and the imprints we received in early childhood. The Human Design Mandala shows us the map of all the possible ways that we can be imprinted. From this large range of possibilities, we each carry a set amount of characteristics. It is these unique imprints and characteristics that allow us to experience the world in our own way and determine how we operate.

This system will show you how to follow your divine nature and blend with unique energetic circumstances and people in ways that are mutually empowering rather than disempowering. Understanding your design empowers you with understandings about your strengths, talents, gifts and vulnerabilities. You will come to understand how to work with your unique nature rather than struggling with the false imprints you received in your formative years.

By understanding your uniqueness you regain trust in yourself; make choices that are in alignment with your nature; know when to act; know how to create synergy in your life. This is a system that will empower you with understanding about how to best relate in your relationships with intimate partners, children, friends and professional colleagues.

This is a journey of discovering your unique wholeness, encouraging you to travel beyond your personal imprinted, attachments and serving everyone in your world with your unique talents, gifts and understandings. Ultimately, it is about contributing your unique song to the Uni-verse.